About Us


  •     I am Shijith K.N. along with my wife AshwiniShijith K. I am currently living in Panoor,Kerala - A place like non other. KERALA is known as “GOD’S OWN COUNTRY’’ and it is one of the popular tourist destination in the country. Kerala historically known as Keralam is an Indian State in South India on the Malabar Coast. It is also known for its palm-lined beaches, backwaters, network of canals, ayurvedic tourism, tropical greenery, etc. 

  •  In this www.truewaykart.com website, we are online dealers dealing in products like dry fruits, spices, special herbal tea, coffee and snacks specially made from Kerala.

  •  The main purpose of this site is to take care of our customers needs, especially regarding the Quality, Price and Services we provide. 

  • You can trust us in everything we provide. 

  •  We deal in a truthful way regarding our site, sales, products, payments,etc.

  •  Your orders from payment to delivery are protected by us. 

  •  We give you quality assurance of all the products we sell.      

  • TrueWayKart begins with all our visitors itself. The easiest way to buy things online, with a single click. You can save your precious time and your valuable money. You just have to click any of our products you like, place an order and we’ll deliver it to you, right at your doorstep, as quick as possible. 

  • We are husband and wife from KERALA- A place like non other. Malayalam is the official language of this State. The production of Pepper, Cashews, Tea, Coffee, Spices, etc. is more in this state. 

  • I decided to start an online business in Kerala and I joined my wife to select a domain name. I wanted a word  which deals in all these i.e. straightforward, truthful, trustful, fact, correct manner. We got the word TRUE, but there were many domain names like truemart, truekart, etc. Finally we decided to put TrueWayKart. As the name itself suggests, TRUEWAY- to deal in anything or everything in a truthful way or correct way and we added the word kart to the name. Kart means an online record of products you have picked up while browsing the online store. True meaning in accordance or agreement with fact, truthful, sincere, loyal or faithful. This is how we are dealing in this online business. We also want people all over India to get the product with just a click and the product will reach right at their doorstep.

  •  We sell Dry Fruits, Spices, Special Herbal Tea & Coffee, and Snacks that are specially made from Kerala. 
  •  The products we sell are of good quality, fresh and all natural ingredients. 
  •  You won’t find any preservatives, additives, thickeners, colouring, fillers or anything artificial. 
  •  We deliver our products directly to the customers, from the manufacturing place, without any middleman like wholesalers, retailers, etc. 

  • Our Mission is to offer our customers fresh and good quality products at a fair and reasonable price as fast as possible right at your doorstep. We take care of these 3 important things i.e.,Quality- which comes first, Price - at a fair and reasonable rate, and our Services - best services. These 3 things are the main needs of each and every individual customer. 

  • We provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed of the products we sell. If not satisfied with our products, you can return it back for full refund or an exchange of the product. That depends on your choice, whichever you would like to prefer. This is how confident we are about our products, that everyone will like it.     


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